Friday, 18 November 2011

PhD (Alternativa Medicina), Medicina Alternativa International, Sri Lanka

In 2011, one incumbent member of Burmese federal parliament who claims
that he holds a PhD (Alternativa Medicina), Medicina Alternativa International,
Sri Lanka. While "Alternativa Medicina" or "Alternative Medicine" in English
means it is not evidence based modern medicine practice, that Sri Lankan based
Medicina Alternativa International is a diploma mill that will sell degrees for a fee.
Read below:

'Diploma mills that sell M.D. degrees seem particularly dangerous.  
Lord Pandit Prof. Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya (1930-2005) of Sri Lanka
created  Medicina Alternativa International in Sri Lanka and claimed
to be affiliated with  The Open International University [presumably
to be confused with the Open University of Sri Lanka]. He sold diplomas
for various fields. I have a copy of his charge list for 1962.
For $3,750 USD one could buy any of the following degrees: M.D. (M.A.),
M.D. (T.M.), Dr. Ac., or Ph.D. These letters stand for Doctor of Medicine
(Alternativa Medicina), Doctor of Medicine (Traditional Medicine),
Doctor of Acupuncture, and Doctor of Philosophy. Registration was an
extra $1,000. The M.Ac.F. cost $100. The letters stand for Membership of
Acupuncture Foundation. The D.Ac. cost $145; those letters do not stand
for Doctor of Acupuncture, as you might think, but for "International
College Diploma," whatever that might be. Freddy Dahlgren, the inventor
of  microacupuncture, bought his degrees from Lord Pandit. Dahlgren
follows his last name with a string of letters: D.Sc., D.Ac., M.Ac.F.,
M.D. Jeffrey Dummett, an Australian naturopath who bought his doctorate
from the Sri Lanka diploma mill  was charged with manslaughter
in the death of a 37-year-old kidney patient. His natural detoxification
program took 11kg off his patient in 10 days and hastened the patient's
death, according to the prosecutor.'

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