Monday, 2 January 2012

Dr. Shwe Lu Maung@Shahnawaz Khan, PhD. (Wales, UK)

See the correction that he has earned a PhD from Bangor which
once was North Wales College under UoW, disputable validation
body. But I will keep the original one as it is correct about UoW.

Today, I found another big fake fish, this time the catch is below
'Dr. Shwe Lu Maung @ Shahnawaz Khan, Ph.D. (Wales, UK)'

When I saw Wales, I know a fish is hooked, because I have read
about "Wales Scandal" from from Telegraph last year. See below:

University of Wales abolished after visa scandal

'The University of Wales (UoW) will cease to exist after mounting
pressure to draw a line under a series of damaging revelations. Its
chairman Hugh Thomas resigned on Friday.'
The diplomas gave them entry on to UoW MBA degrees, which
allowed them to apply for UK visas, and exempted them from
most of the work.
The college, and nearby Lampton College where the exams were
taken, have been suspended and are being investigated by the UK
Border Agency.
The revelations followed a scandal last year when the university....
was forced to cut all ties with a college in Malaysia which awarded
UoW degrees when it was revealed that its director Fazley Yaakob
had bogus qualifications.'

To explain simple terms, UoW was more like a shell, an umbrella
entity like University of London (UoL). Like UoL, UoW offered
external degree programmes. That means you can earn a UoW or
Wales degree without setting foot in United Kingdom.

Not only in theory, but also in practice, you can earn UoW PhD
from a "for-profit" private college such as the Greenwich College.
I understand some private colleges are not diploma mills but I can
imagine "profit" motives and one can infer quality of UoW PhD.
See PhD and DBA prospectus from private Greenwich College below:

So at best our Dr. Shwe Lu Maung earned a PhD from a college like
Greenwich College, as I said not really a diploma mill as it is validated
(it is validated, yeah it is validated :)) but not really a PhD from a great
Welsh Institutions like Cardiff.

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